Han Goes Places

by | Oct 10, 2017

Han Goes Places. | Han Tells Illustrations & Draws Stories.

Han is a 26-year-old artist from Slovakia, currently living in Vienna. When it comes to creating things, Han has no limits. She is inspired by natural science, magic and psychology. For the past half year, she has been working with digital illustrations, and experimenting with henna. In the future, the goal is to move to more open spaces such as street projections.

In a family full of doctors, biologists and lawyers, Han surely chose for herself a different path. She discovered a passion for drawing already at the age of four and has been adding different forms of art to it ever since. As every child, Han too grew up with stories. Most people leave those fairy tales behind them as they grow up and face reality, but not Han. She couldn’t. As she perceives cities as living organisms, she began to wonder that if every other living organism has dreams, then why can’t cities have them too? Why not collect stories from newspapers or pay attention to little details that happen to people around her and tell them through drawings and dreams? And that is what Han is currently working on – project Stadttraum (City Dreams). In this project, Han collects little pieces of information about Vienna every week and puts them into dreams through her drawings and stories. Han tries to show the complexity and liveliness of Vienna through the colorful style that she is using in her illustrations.

The next project that will be displayed, which includes henna drawings depicting seashells, will be about all the homes Han ever had. She drew one seashell each day for eight days, each representing different home in a different place and took a photo of them every day. The idea is to show a small animation of the fading and the emerging of homes and the constant change of life.