T.C.A Design Studio

Co-working spaces for artists to work in. Making room to nurture the ‘particular concentration that artistic work needs

About T.C.A Design Studio

Claiming unconventional spaces like upcycled shipping containers or beautiful old industrial buildings as a creative nest for the arts, TCA Design Studio makes room to nurture the ‘particular concentration that artistic work needs.’ The initiative is about striking a balance between anchoring quality space and creating a meeting point for artists of different disciplines. You can co-workd with artists, attend workshops design for us, and join our events.


Who its for

We provide space for artists – painters, illustrators, cartoonists, designers, carpenters, sculptors, potters, programmers, photographers, writers, visual artists and theatre makers, performers… just about any creative field.

How it works

The Studio will consist of state of the art equipment for artists, project spaces, art & prodduction equipment, an office and a space for shows & Events. We continue our search for other buildings where we can install more artist studios.


Artist can host paid workshops at our studio space and – Do you want to teach your own workshop? Let us know!


You can cowork with other creative minds in the Studios or Office Spaces for a day, a month or even longer.

Tell us what your need

Art should not be confined within Geographical boundaries.

TCA Design Studio is a platform for artist from around the world, irrespective of the field or medium or creativity.

So whatever your talent may be, we will find a place for you at our design studio. 

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Our Featured Artists

We work with artists from all over the world, and showcase their work at The Container Pop Up Experiences, we offer a platform for them to also turn their art into merchandise and reach a global audeince. 

Ashi | The Potter

Ashi | The Potter

Ashi | The Potter Ashi is at her wheel, carefully pulling the clay and shaping it with a very delicate pressure, while talking to me about her work. An extremely talented Indian studio potter, Ashi was introduced to pottery when she was very young. Pottery, is made by...

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Hana | The Illustrator

Han Goes Places

Han Goes Places. | Han Tells Illustrations & Draws Stories. Han is a 26-year-old artist from Slovakia, currently living in Vienna. When it comes to creating things, Han has no limits. She is inspired by natural science, magic and psychology. For the past half...

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Reach out to us with your portfolio to explore the possibility of getting featured at our next pop up!